Shortage of Leafy Lettuces

Some people might know everything it takes to get your lettuce, kale,  peppers, or microgreens into your fridge, but before getting into this industry I did not. In winter most of the fresh produce comes from south of the border, or right near the border. As we get closer to spring, the crops start to come from farms that are a little further north all the way until we are farming in the most northern states.  

Currently there is mildew problems from outdoor farms in Mexico and Arizona, and once there is mildew on a leafy lettuce crop, not much can be done. All measures must be done before hand to combat it, and since they were in a desert type region, they typically do not have to worry about mildew. They are harvesting crops earlier than usual to combat the growing mildew issue but that will leave a gap between early March to mid April with a dip in production of leafy lettuces. 

Now here is where a farm like Falling Waters Farm comes into play. We are able produce the same volume of crops year around without the worry of what mother nature is going to do. We can assess our risks and combat the problems of indoor growing consistently and not leave anything to chance. Using our indoor vertical hydroponic growing system we are able to give our customers a consistent product without the worry of decreased yields. That gives our customers time to plan with there restaurants, retailers, chefs, home cooks, and other customers so that they can guarantee that they will get our product at a consistent price, year round. 



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