Falling Waters Farm offers two different tours. One is a group tour and one is a quick tour. All tours must be scheduled in advanced.


Group Tours

If you are a church, school, or tourist group and looking for something different to explore, we offer our Group Tours.

*please contact BTruax@FallingWaters.Farm for pricing (depending on group size)



Quick Tour

The quick tour is for an individual or small group who would like to see where there local produce is coming from! (approximately 20 minute tour)

$10.00 per person and $5.00 for children under 12.

For tour scheduling please email BTruax@FallingWaters.Farm

2 thoughts on “Tours

  • Galesburg FFA would love a tour of your operations! We are trying to fit tours in any time on Thursday, Oct. 20. We could tour on the 19th if need be but the goal is the 20th. There will be 7 total for touring. I look forward to hearing from you to set up a time

  • Hello my name is Justin McDonald. I am writing you folks today because I have been looking at getting into a new type of agriculture type of farming that is not a common/normal type of farming in Indiana IE: corn, soybeans, and wheat. I have gone to several classes at Purdue for Disabled Vets and all the programs out their in regards to farming and how it can help veterans in the after war healing process. My family and I currently own a farm in Noblesville Indiana that we currently cash lease out to a family friend who farms the normal Indiana crops. What I would really like to do is farm something that has a special niche and not everyone in the community is farming. I would also like this to help my family and I grow our family farm without the cash leasing of our land to others. After speaking with several people in regards to what is new/hot out their, and what is gaining a lot of interest/momentum, they all seem to direct me in your folks industry direction. I must say my family and I would have never thought of this type of farming in Indiana, but hey it’s 2016 so nothing surprises me anymore. Please feel free to contact me with any advice via phone or email that you can advise in regards to what, when, and where I can go to get this type of farm up and going. I have to write a 5 year business plan for this adventure to receive any federal grants out their that the federal government has put in place for disabled Vets. Thanks in advance for any feed back you folks could provide me in regards to my aquaculture farm adventure.
    Also if I could come and visit your farm I would truly enjoy the opportunity?
    Semper Fi,
    Justin McDonald
    (317) 507-2331

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